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Single Source Molding Solutions

Providing a full service solution for your molded part program requirements, our services include prototyping, product development, and manufacturing for small to large volumes.

Experienced tooling engineers and process technicians staff our on-site tool making and production facility allowing us to manufacture new tooling, maintain your mold, and provide all related tooling services. Our state-of-the-art facility and technologies will exceed your expectations for quality, service, and value.

Meeting increasing demands for controlled environment molding in the medical device and biotechnology markets, we maintain an ISO Class 8 (100,000) cleanroom and are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified.

We also provide prototyping and pre-production services. We have integrated with complete product traceability systems, the latest in lean manufacturing techniques, equipment, advanced process

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controls, and automation systems to deliver precision components within budget and schedule.

In our molding process we utilize all grades of engineered theromoplastics including high heat and filled alloys, resorbable, and sustainable materials.

We offer a variety of plastic injection molding services. Below are just a few.

Insert Molding

One of the major benefits from insert molding includes consolidated components, which may enhance product functionality, ease assembly issues, and reduce cost. Polymer Technology Company's vertical injection press technology can accommodate a host of inserts, both plastic and metal, including precious metal plated inserts, molded-in electrical connections and circuitry, close tolerance parts, and connectors. Our engineering staff can assist in optimizing insert molded product design to maximize part performance and address design for ease in manufacturing issues early in the product's development cycle. This proactive approach benefits our clients by designing for part consolidation, widening material selection scope, and accommodating the most efficient insert layout and handling.

Over Molding

Polymer Technology Company delivers tooling and molding solutions for soft touch thermoplastic elastomer over molded applications. We can provide the expertise to get the job done, when a part design requires a gripable or contact sealing surface (gasket).

Our experienced tooling engineers determine optimal product and mold design processes, component geometry, and dimensional stability of the over mold and substrate materials. We also provide materials consultation to design for ideal mechanical, thermal, and chemical bonding characteristics.


Our medical device manufacturing services provide production and assembly capabilities in an ISO Class 8 (100,000) cleanroom. We use our integral knowledge of medical grade materials to ensure we create the best plastic product for you.

Polymer Technology Company uses high-speed robotic part removal in concert with integrated cleanroom systems to move the molded components directly from the presses to the assembly workstations. This creates a controlled closed-loop assembly process with a high degree of automation and a hands-free transfer of molded components without operator intervention.


Integrating the latest in lean manufacturing techniques, equipment, advanced process controls, and automation systems, we deliver molded solutions for industrial-focused component programs.

We deliver precision parts with a focus on instrumentation enclosures and controls, laser etching and marking, chrome plating, EMI shielding, molded-in electrical connections and circuitry, and over molding gripable and contact sealing surfaces.

Value Added Services

We provide product assembly, including sonic welding, spin welding, pad printing, laser etching, laser degating, multi-material over molding, insert molding, adhesive & epoxy bonding, packaging, and logistics services to complement our molding and decorating services. Polymer Technology Company is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13458:2003 certified and provides full first article services with complete product traceability systems.