The design of your mold is an important step in creating a successful part. Using mold flow software, we are able to avoid issues further on in the injection mold process. We evaluate the manufacturing feasibility of your design to determine optimal part thickness and identify underlying cosmetic issues such as sink marks and weld-lines before they occur.

Our tooling engineers also estimate the impact of design or material changes on part cost to provide detailed advice on improving your product while minimizing cycle time.

We complete the design process using the latest mold design software to split part geometry, find and implement engineering modifications, and create electrodes and inserts. Upon mold design completion, 3-axis tool paths are created for on-site, high-speed machining and EDM centers, and the mold is finalized, assembled, and prepared for first sample trials.

ISO 13485:2003 Certified

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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Experience, Expertise, Excellence

Integrating the latest software, manufacturing equipment, and machining techniques, we are able to provide mold tooling services which are globally competitive.

Our experienced tooling engineers and mold makers use integrated tooling software which allows us to create mold designs and machine high quality molds from your 3D part database in the shortest possible time frame. Our tooling software will track all part changes to keep a complete revision history of the mold. We offer expertise in prototype and production tooling systems. Quick delivery prototype tooling is available in aluminum and P-20 steel mold systems.

ISO Class 8 (100,000) Cleanroom for injection molding

Hardened steel production tooling is offered in single, family,
and multi-cavity configurations.

Hardened steel production tooling is offered in single, family, and multi-cavity configurations. A full complement of mold types is available which include soft touch, insert, unscrewing, high polished lens, and complex geometry molds. Our on-site mold making professionals look forward to difficult tooling challenges and strive for excellence in the mold building process.